3 Reasons Why Buyers Aren’t Leaving Amazon Products Reviews


Five-star reviews are e-commerce gold dust. It’s proven that quality reviews on your product or business build your brand and instill trust in your customers. However, getting your customers to leave reviews on Amazon can be tricky. You’ve worked tirelessly to launch your online brand only to discover that your customers aren’t bothering to leave those all-important reviews post-purchase.

Here we explore the three top reasons why your customers are failing to leave feedback and review on Amazon, and what you can do to change it.


They’ve forgotten to leave a review

Everyone can understand this one – you’re in a hurry, have purchased your item in just a couple of clicks and soon it’ll be on your doorstep.

One of the main reasons customers choose Amazon over their local high street is convenience, and being able to buy pretty much anything at the click of a button and have it delivered to your door is as convenient as it gets.

So why should a customer take time out of their busy day to review your product once you’ve got their hands on it? After all, they will likely have forgotten all about it after a few days.

Easy – simply give them a nudge. There are automated email services for Amazon that will go out to your customers to encourage them to leave a review.

Not only does a follow-up email demonstrate that you and your brand are passionate about customer service, but it also is a great way to reduce the amount of negative feedback you’ll receive. If you do get a negative response, always follow up. This opens up the lines of communication and helps the customer put a real human face to your online company. Finding out what went wrong gives you an opportunity to put it right, thus turning that glum one-star review into a gleaming five-star appraisal.

However, when contacting your customers asking for a review, always be careful not to spam your customers. We recommend sending just one reminder email. If, after that, no action is taken, don’t be tempted to contact them again.

Go one step further and choose an AI-powered email automation tool that will contact your customer at the right time, with the right messaging to encourage them to open the email and leave a review. Job done!

Another great way to build brand awareness and remind customers to leave a review is to be active on social media. Regularly posting on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter not only remarkets your products but will also give customers a gentle reminder that they’ve yet to review the last item they bought from you.


They’re not sure how or where to leave a review

It can be difficult to imagine that, in 2019, some customers are still struggling to navigate their way around the world wide web. But this is particularly pertinent for the older generation, so make sure your communications are concise, on time and are clearly signposted with links in all the right places.

When you’re inviting a customer to leave a review, include a hyperlink in the body text and then a great big ‘leave a review’ button underneath it. Follow web usability best practice, so ensure the button looks like a button and don’t be tempted to create any fancy designs to entice the reader.

If you’re not sure where to start in designing your feedback email, let BQool Feedback Central do the hard work for you. Unlike Amazon’s default buyer-seller messaging tool, BQool has professional email templates that are tailored to your customer’s preferences. Each email is designed to be helpful, with a clear call to action that is customized depending on the outcome you wish to drive (for example, a star rating).


They’re time-poor

If your customers are shopping on Amazon, the likelihood is that they’re after a convenient shopping experience that takes up as little time as possible.

This ethos can be applied to how you manage your customer communications, and more importantly, your customer advocacy strategy.

Customers won’t want to read all about your business, your brand, or a newsletter before they get a chance to take action. When sending out a review email, it needs to be single-minded – you only want your customer to do one thing at a time, and that’s leaving a review. So, with that in mind, cut the waffle and include a call to action and link high up the email, and think about the link text you plan to include. If time is a real issue for your customers (their buying habits will give you clues) then call out the length of time it’ll take them to leave a review within the link text itself.

Something like ‘Leave a review today – it takes 30 seconds!’ would work well.


Last words

By following these simple tips you’ll soon have reviews flooding in. Make sure to monitor your reviews and always follow up on any negative feedback – this is a chance for your business to shine.

If you’re still not sure where to start, or would simply like some advice on setting up automated email campaigns that really work, try BQool BigCentral. The revolutionary AI-powered solution is a great way to secure feedback and reviews fast from your customers. It automatically creates the perfect email subject and finds the best send time for each email to capitalize on open rates and get more reviews for your products on Amazon.


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