Prime Day 2022 : What to Expect this Year?


Amazon Prime Day is a big sales event on Amazon that lasts for 48-hour. It originally starts in 2015 to celebrate the 20 years of Amazon. Now, we do not know when Amazon Prime Day 2022 will take place but according to the previous years, it might be in July.

This big event would probably drive a lot of traffic to your online store, and you can take this opportunity to convert it into sales. We prepared a list of tips you can apply to your online store and get your business ready for Amazon Prime Day. But before we want to remind you some key data about previous Prime Day and help you to determine what you can potentially sell this year based on the previous bestselling products.


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7 Tips to Prepare Well Your Business for Prime Day 2022


1.Optimize Your Listing for Sales

Amazon Prime Day event will drive the biggest traffic of the year to your online store. This is a great opportunity for you to convert visitors into sales, that is why, we encourage you optimize your listing by checking your product title, bullet points, description, and product pictures to make sure they are appealing, clear, and up to date.

2.Gather Relevant Keywords

If you want to improve your store visibility before the Prime Day, we recommend you search the relevant keywords that customers are using. We suggest you focus on long-tail keywords that have high search volumes but are lower in competition. Make sure to choose relevant keywords that cover majority of search queries related to your items. Once you gather the relevant and popular keywords you can apply them to the content of your listings.

3.Make Sure You Have Enough Stock

Because Prime Day is a big sales event that requires you have enough stock to face the customers’ demand, it would be too bad that you run out of inventory right in the middle of prime day and miss sales. Look at your data, check your sales history and inventory health. See if your best-selling products have enough quantity and analyze your sales performance. Be sure to forecast the right number of products for before and after prime-day week.

You can use BigCentral software to check your bestselling product performance and analyze the relevant metrics to help you get ready for Prime Day.

4.Be Generous with Exclusive Coupons and Deals

Amazon Prime Day is the occasion for shoppers to have special deals, for this special event, shoppers expect sellers to offer some exclusive coupons and deals more than usual.

You can provide:

Lightning Deals which are a limited-time promotion that FBA sellers can apply to showcase their products with a limited quantity for a short time on Amazon. Lightning Deals also bring more exposure to your products or brands and can help you to clear out overstock and seasonal inventory.

Amazon Coupons which are a great way to maximize your sales on your Amazon store and attract more customers because the coupon is highlighted with an orange ribbon. Amazon charges $0.6 for each coupon redeemed. In addition to being redeemable directly on an item listing, the most popular coupons will appear categorically on Amazon’s main coupons page, where customers can “clip” and save the discounts.

5.Use Social Media Platforms

Once you optimized your listings you can try to reach out a wider audience. You can use social media to advertise about your online store and the upcoming super deals beforehand. It is a cost-effective way to establish relationships with customers before prime day and make your online store stands out on different social media platforms. In addition, advertising on social media is a good way to promote your products and avoid direct competition on Amazon.

6.Observe the Trends

We suggest you to also check what customers buy on Amazon and which keywords they use when they make research. For that, look at Amazon homepage to know the latest trends and the popular items. This can help you to spot potential trendy keywords to improve your listings.

7.Keep an Eye on The Competition

To get ready for Amazon Prime Day you also need to know your competitors and keep an eye on them. You can study their selling strategies, the descriptions, the pictures, and the keywords they use to understand better how they advertise their products on Amazon. Finally, BQool provides a CRM software BigCentral to spy on competitor’s daily activity, and provide relevant information and enables you to steal their keywords to optimize your listings.

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May 31, 2022
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