6 Ways to Lower Returns on Amazon


If there’s something Amazon sellers fear the most, product returns will no doubt be one of the recurring nightmares. Indeed, returns represent a loss for your online business. But if you look past the negative connotation of a product return, it is a good opportunity to test the quality of your customer service. Keep in mind that if you cumulate too many returns, you might see your account suspended.

You cannot completely prevent returns from happening, but you can minimize them. In this article, we give you some tips to lower the Amazon return rate for your online business.

I. Pay Attention to the Product Image

First thing that customers care about is the product pictures. Because people pay attention to the visual content more than ever, attractive product image, no exaggerated photoshop pictures of course, but clear and neat pictures are always a good way to attract eyeballs.

Not only will you attract more potential customers if you present your product from every angle in a collage, but it will help customers to decide to purchase your products or not.

II. Market Your Product With Videos

To avoid unpleasant surprises that will lead to returns, we suggest you provide detailed content and information about your products. A product video can help you achieve that. Moreover, a well-made product video can demonstrate the use of a product from the product assembly to how to product functionality. Finally, videos can give customers enough confidence to choose your products over the ones from your competitors.

III. Give an Appealing and Precise Description of Your Products

Give details! You want to make a great first impression by providing appealing and precise description of your products. Avoid giving vague information about the product but say absolutely everything you can say to the customers because an incomplete or wrong description can lead to returns.

Your description must contain these criteria:

  • The Brand Name
  • Color (if your product has different colors)
  • Package Information
  • Item Dimensions
  • Material
  • Weight
  • Special Features
  • Warranty/Guarantee Information
  • FAQs
  • Product Use Information
  • Care & Maintenance


description products


How to Write a Precise Description?

Usually, we recommend you explain the specificities, the different options of the products and its benefits. It is important to describe the product in a realistic and attractive way. Do not exaggerate the product features because it could have negative repercussions for you later (returns), just write something creative that enhances the product.

We suggest you to be concise about the information you give especially when you sell in clothing categories. Always give the size of the product but as well some recommendation such as “Keep in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight”.

If you sell clothes, shoes, or gloves we suggest you provide a size chart that will help customers online to determine their size. Last suggestion, include details about the material, the texture etc.

Women's Size Guide

If you want some additional tips on how to write amazon product descriptions that sell you can check out this article.

IV. Packaging

If you are a FBM seller we recommend you pay attention to the packaging. If the product is damaged during delivery, the customer will return the product. Do not botch the packaging step, we suggest you start by carefully inspecting the product condition to make sure the product that you are going to send is in good condition.

Then, make sure to protect the product from impacts. Use poly bags following Amazon’s requirements and add stickers to explain if the items are part of a set. If you want to know more about how to prepare packaging properly, you can check this article.

If you are FBA seller, you do not need to worry about this part since Amazon takes care of picking, packing, and shipping your products for you.

V. Be Aware of “Wardrobing Trend”

We are not trying to sound too alarmist but wardrobing is a trend that you must know.

What is Wardrobing Exactly?

Wardrobing is when customers buy product and use it for a short amount of time and then return it and ask for a full refund. It is a fraud but a lot of people in the United States take advantage of Amazon generous returning policy. Wardrobing originally applies to clothing, but this trend has extended to other product categories. A lot of products can be “rented’ briefly and then returned.

It is not something you really can prevent from; it could happen to your business even if you provide excellent products and customer service. However, Amazon tries to prevent this trend by spotting the suspected customers who often return products. Then, Amazon will suspend the customers’ account and associated account.

VI. Know the Reasons

It is important to identify the reasons and know why your products have been returned. Of course, numerous reasons could lead to returns, but at least if you know why different customers return the same products so often, you can act before it becomes a bigger issue for your online business. Keep in mind that not only your return rate would be affected by returns items, but you can also be punished by Amazon that will probably suspend your account if you cumulate too many bad feedback.


It goes without saying there are millions of reasons why costumers return products, and you cannot avoid all of them, but if you provide clear information about your product and stay professional by providing a perfect customer service, you have nothing to worry about. You can check our article about customer service.


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