How to Sell Internationally on Amazon with FBA Global Export

The risks and pitfalls of expanding your Amazon store internationally can be intimidating. Thanks to Amazon’s interconnected global networks, infrastructure and mega branding – the challenges of logistics, customer support and fulfillment have become easier to manage than ever before. With 11 global market places (US, UK, CA and IN all English-based) reaching customers in 180 countries worldwide, embrace the opportunity to expedite your business growth and sales by reaching millions of new potential customers.

Some points about international selling to consider:


  • US Based sellers expanding to

    (and vice versa) If using North America Unified Account (NAUA), make sure to label listings selling on CA with a different SKU to avoid inventory allocation issues in your US account (see: Listings creation on Amazon). You will not need to pay additional subscription fees, however you must pay fees for all per-item sales applicable to the marketplace in which the item was sold. Use your US Bank account and keep in mind that items tend to sell for higher on CA. Simultaneously, consider the exchange rates or simply this procedure using Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers (ACCS).

  • US Based sellers expanding to Eurozone (UK-DE-FR-IT-ES): 

    The European Unified Account opens up all Eurozone marketplaces. Listings must be created separately for each marketplace, and sales are “subjected to country-specific per-item fees which are payable to Amazon upon sale of an item”. You’ll need a VAT and it’s your responsibility to comply with European tax and regulatory requirements. Amazon currently supports U.K. and U.S. bank accounts, as well as bank accounts in all Eurozone countries.

How to Sell Internationally on Amazon with FBA Global Export

If you are already selling in the Eurozone or looking to expand into the Amazon European marketplaces for the first time, take advantage of our EU integration pricing package: select a plan that covers the needs of all Eurozone markets you sell on, then pay $10 each month for each additional marketplace. For Feedback Central, BQool has already translated positive feedback requests for each respective marketplace, so it couldn’t be easier! EU integration is also available for Review and Repricing Central products.

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