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If your Amazon sellers’ account was suspended because of a Used Sold as New complaint, the root cause can be difficult to identify. In most cases, this type of complaints has nothing to do with the authenticity of the item. Rather, the result of a customer receiving a damaged or improperly packaged product would likely to be a determining factor. As a suspended Amazon seller, you need to know how to address this problem quickly.

If this kind of Amazon suspension occurs to your seller account, Amazon will not provide extra time or leniency when you submit a Plan of Action to reinstate your seller account. Suspended sellers have 17 days to provide a Plan of Action.

As with all Amazon suspension, it is the Amazon seller’s burden to properly identify the root cause of the suspension and address it in a Plan of Action. Failing to identify the root causes in your first Plan of Action will result in a prolonged Amazon appeal process. The longer your Amazon sellers’ account is suspended, the more money you will lose.

Occasionally, Amazon’s Seller Performance Team will mistakenly identify a “used sold as new” customer complaint as an authenticity issue rather than a damaged or improperly packaged product issue.

Amazon’s Customer Complaint “Used Sold as New”

A recent client of ours had difficulty in identifying the root cause of his Amazon suspension. There was a “used sold as new” complaint when the delivered product was clearly new and in the original packaging.

Each failed Plan of Action submitted by the client before he retained us prolonged his Amazon appeal process. It is also believed that each time you submit a new Plan of Action, it becomes harder to obtain reinstatement of your selling privileges. In this case, Amazon’s Seller Performance Team continuously rejected the Plans of Action that the seller drafted. The suspended seller than retained our law firm.

When dealing with a vague customer complaint, Amazon Sellers need to be honest in identifying how their storage or shipment process will be improved to prevent any possible damage to their products. As product damage can be detrimental to customer satisfaction and that may lead to the product was used sold as new complaint.

If the suspended Amazon seller truly believes the cause of the issue was entirely out of their hands, he should provide invoices as well as quality assurance from his manufacturer. In addition, he should describe all of the efforts taken to protect Amazon’s customers. Most important, the improvements that he will implement for better customer experience should be elaborated. Even if your products arrive in perfect condition, we can all find ways to improve.  

Even if your product arrives in perfect condition and you do not believe the complaint is valid, you have to give Amazon what it wants, which is the description of how your business practices will be ameliorated.

When we drafted our Plan of Action for this suspended Amazon seller, we included several preventative measures that could correct possible causes of the customer’s complaint.

Our Plan of Action for this suspended Amazon seller focused on:

  • Inventory control
  • Quality assurance
  • Product testing
  • Product authenticity, and
  • We provided detailed invoices from the authorized manufacturer to demonstrate that no actual authenticity issue existed.

In addition to sending a Plan of Action to Seller Performance Team, our law firm also sent escalation letters to Amazon’s legal team pointing out the reasonable efforts made by our client along with the unreasonable amount of attempts they made to reinstate their account.

These efforts were successful in reinstating our client’s selling privileges.

Takeaway for Amazon Sellers

An Amazon Seller should be precise when identifying the root cause of a customer’s complaint. If a customer leaves a vague complaint on an Amazon Seller’s listing, the suspended Amazon seller should respond to the performance notification with a persuasive Plan of Action including all possible root causes of the issue, along with all corrective actions taken for each alleged cause.

If an Amazon Seller is unable to successfully reinstate their account following a customer complaint that a product is “used sold as new”, the Amazon Seller should contact a law firm which focuses on Amazon sellers and seller account suspensions to assist them. 

ASLBiography: Amazon Sellers Lawyer is a team comprised of unique individuals with extensive knowledge and backgrounds. They are dedicated to defending the rights of e-commerce entrepreneurs and sellers across all platforms. Founded in 1994 by CJ Rosenbaum, the firm is now emerging as an industry leader as evidenced by its receipt of the Bitbond Best E-commerce Site of 2017 award. Whether a seller is facing an Intellectual Property issue, their funds are being held, or they simply need assistance with a Amazon suspension and reinstatement, the team at Amazon Sellers Lawyer has the knowledge and experience to serve sellers day and night, all around the World.

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