BQool Conditional Repricer Is Coming This April!

BQool Conditional Repricer is coming this April! Before we get too excited for the release, we’d like to take some time to talk about what conditional repricer is and how you can utilize conditional repricing rules to auto switch between different repricing strategies to dominate the Amazon buy box. Let’s get straight into it!

What is a Conditional Repricer?

You are probably wondering what this new feature will add to your repricing arsenal while you are already using algorithmic rule-based and AI repricing rules.The core purpose of conditional repricer is to allow sellers to set an automation for BQool repricer to alternate between multiple repricing rules based on conditions like sales, unit sold or more. It can enhance your repricing strategy by dynamically auto switching from Ruled-based repricing rule to AI Repricing rule or vice versa. You have the absolute freedom to configure which condition is required to trigger a desired repricing rule for any scenario and you can also determine the order of priority of conditions to be triggered for the most profitable outcome. For example, you may prefer metrics like x sales amount should take precedence over condition like the remaining unit left in stock.

What are the Conditions?

To Sum up, we have 3 pre-configured conditional repricing rules:

  • Inventory Age Conditions
  • Sell-Through Rate Conditions
  • Days of Supply Conditions

And 2 advanced conditional repricing rules (customizable conditions)

  • FBA Advanced Conditions
  • FBM Advanced Conditions


Inventory Age Conditions

If you would like to reprice based on the inventory age of your products, you can achieve this with inventory age conditions. These conditions focus on the strategy to sell off slow-moving inventory that are stuck in the warehouse for a long time. It is designed to provide Amazon sellers a better method to liquidate their products to avoid long term storage fees and stagnation that will impact your business. If you want to improve cashflow, pick inventory age conditions.

Inventory Age Conditions are great for products like used books, high value items.

👉 Recommended for: Slow moving inventory like individual items


inventory age interface

Sell-Through Rate Conditions

Sell-through rate is the metric provided by Amazon that enables you to know which item(s) sell well and which item(s) do not have a satisfying sales result. Sell-through rate is updated daily and looks at past shipped units and average inventory over a period. We encourage you to try to maintain a sell-through rate in the green (or good rating) year-round.

Once you identify the sell-through rate of a product, you can optimize your offer price further by using sell-through rate conditions as triggers to switch to an optimal repricing strategy.

Let’s say you have a product that sells very well, and you want to scale the offer price with the level of market demand to maintain a good sales velocity, you will want to set a repricing strategy that can switch between different repricing rules with a varying degree of repricing aggressiveness based on what number of sell-through rate was triggered.


👉 Recommended for: Fast-moving inventory

sell through rate

FBA advanced 1

FBA advanced 2

Days of Supply Conditions

Days of supply is estimated number of days that the inventory quantity will take to be sold. Conditions associated with days of supply focus on the number of days to sell off all the incoming inventory.

If you are a seller of perishable, you are in luck, you can capitalize on days of supply conditions to help you automate between multiple repricing rules to help you increase or decrease your prices based on the number of available quantity or the volume of your shipment to the FBA warehouse. These conditions are more suitable for replen business model than the inventory age conditions.

👉 Recommended for: Large volume, perishable products and replen


day of supply interface

Advanced Seller Conditions

You can set up 10 main different conditions, but these conditions are made for well-advanced sellers. We recommend you use these conditions once you have mastered the preconfigured ones before using the Advanced Conditions as you need at least to be familiar with the preconfigured conditions.


You can mix and match different conditions and achieve hundreds of unique combinations.

In Which Cases You Need to Use the Advanced Conditions?

If you would like to customize your own trigger to switch between different repricing rules, you can use the advanced conditions to achieve a desired result.

For example, you can mix and match conditions like “x number of days your offer did not win the buy box” with other conditions like “available quantity” to trigger BQool to alternate between repricing rules.

For all the conditions, if in any case the conditions you set up did not work, the Conditional Repricer has a safety net that will keep the Repricer busy and will come up with results.

👉 Recommended for: Flexibility for switching between AI Repricer and Rules based or AI Repricer to AI Repricer or Ruled-based to Ruled-Based


With Conditional Repricer, you have many ways to trigger auto switch between AI Repricing rules and Algorithmic Repricing rules. Thus, you can set up an adequate repricing strategy by combining different rules to improve your buy box win rate against all types of competitions. Some repricing strategies can be configured to focus on the sales velocity, the Amazon Inventory Performance Index (IPI score) or the buy box win rate. You can decide which metric(s) you prioritize for your repricing strategy and achieve a targeted result.

Conditional Repricer would be available in mid – April 2022. Don’t miss out and sign up now to get a free access to the conditional repricer when it’s available.

If you want to know how to use our conditional not miss our Conditional Repricer Serie 

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🔗Conditional Repricer : Reprice on Sales Conditions 


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