Expand Keyword Reach for Your ASIN on Amazon

Expand Keywords for Your ASIN on Amazon

As a continuation of the last feature on “7 Keyword Tools to Help You Generate Amazon Keyword Ideas”, here are more tips on how to make your keywords stand out and expand your exposure.


6 More Ways to EXPAND Your Keyword Reach:

You can integrate keywords into many longer search term combinations with nouns, synonyms and verbs. These can really expand the combinations for your keywords.


1. Nouns. Who is the product for?

The product might be for men, women, for children, for mums, for over 55s, for boxers, for students, for beginners and so on.


2. Verbs. What activity is the product for?

Think action words. A product might be for running, massage, sleeping, chopping, crushing, or cooking.


3. Synonyms

A thesaurus or Microsoft Word can be helpful for these. For example, if something is a “pill” some customers might call it a “capsule” or “tablet”. Your product could be for a “woman”, “lady”, or “female”.


4. Regional spellings and meanings

If you’re launching into new marketplaces, some keywords will have a different meaning or spelling. If you’re selling “pants” in the USA and launch into Amazon UK, then use the word “trousers”. A “vest” in the USA would need to become a “waistcoat” in the UK. “Mom” would become “Mum” and “jewelry” would be “jewellery”.

amazon SEO marketing example


5. What result does the product achieve?

Does it create “smoother looking skin” or make you appear “more youthful”? Will it give you “shinier hair” or perhaps it helps you ‘lose weight’ or ‘build muscle’.


6. Common misspells

Some products are harder to spell and some brand names have unusual spellings that are easy to mistype. Consider common spelling errors and include these in your back end search terms lists. Words affected by the “i” before “e” rule tend to be some of the more common misspells. There may be words related to your product people get confused with too. “Dumbbell” as opposed to “dumbell”. “Gauge” and not “guage” etc.


Discover Amazon Keywords Often:

Keyword research is not a set-it-and-forget-it activity. If you want to dominate your niche, try and review Amazon keywords at 3 regular intervals:

1. At the Beginning: Do keyword research when you set up your ASIN for the first time. It underpins your ASIN copy and your strategy. Spend time on it and avoid cutting corners.

2. After the 1st Month: Review after 4 weeks of running Sponsored Ads. Download the Search Terms Report from Amazon. Open it up in a spreadsheet to identify any new keywords that drive sales to your listing. If there are any keywords that help sell your product, you want to know about them! Make sure to add them to your ASIN if appropriate. But a quick warning – if these keywords happen to be other companies’ brand names, then do not add these to your ASIN copy.

3. Every 3-6 Months: Reviewing keywords every 3-6 months is a good time frame. Check to see if any new keywords are showing for your niche. Keep adding new words to your listing and updating those back end search terms.



Keywords are an important part of Amazon marketing. They are part of the backbone of an ASIN and Amazon optimisation. They can be a major part of what you build promotional campaigns and branding around. 

When building a keyword list, use a variety of sources for your data. From in-house data to PPC tools and consider Amazon related Auto-suggest information. Keywords can also influence how effective Sponsored Ads run on Auto and can play an important part in your pay per click (PPC) campaigns.

Review keywords often and follow a keyword research strategy. Add relevant nouns and verbs to broaden the search term combinations. And finally, set up systematic reviews of your keywords. Follow these simple guidelines and your Amazon ASIN could become a keyword magnet!


About the Author

Gareth Davies has worked in eCommerce marketing for over 15 years. He is the founder of the agency Amz Pro – Amzpro.co.uk. The company works with SME private label sellers and eCommerce businesses launching on Amazon.


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