5 Proven Ways to Get Amazon Reviews From Your Customers

five proven ways to get Amazon reviews

The best business strategy for a successful business is to focus on customers and make sure they are satisfied with your products and services. To get Amazon reviews is the best way to learn whether your customers are satisfied with their shopping experience, and it also helps you build your brand reputation and increase sales. Building a brand reputation is a slow process, but if you understand how to work with your customers, you can reduce your time and effort significantly.


The Importance of Customer Service for Amazon Sellers

Consumers usually have high expectations for sellers to provide good customer service on a customer-focused shopping platform like Amazon. Amazon takes customer service seriously and they believe no matter how much customers spend, every buyer should be treated equally well. 

Customer experience has since become part of the product itself. Happy and satisfied customers are much more likely to sing praises about your brand and leave good reviews. If you can get Amazon reviews that are positive, they will be an exceptional way to make sure your business stands out from your competitors. 


“This company is amazing and I will forever be a customer. My first bottle came with a broken pump, and I sent them an email to let them know. They responded within a few hours and gave me a FULL REFUND PLUS A NEW BOTTLE and I didn’t even have to return the one I already had! I’ve never encountered such great customer service.”

This is a great example of turning bad customer experience into a great customer success story. Quality customer service can enhance your brand reputation that transforms customers into fans. Even though the order might have been defective, the seller has responded promptly to the buyer feedback and provided a solution that met (and exceeded) customer’s expectations. This type of review can be your word-of-mouth marketing material that may influence potential customers’ purchase decisions.


What can Amazon reviews do for you?

Amazon sellers are paying a lot of attention to customer reviews because they know reviews represent the quality of their products. If your PPC campaign is performing poorly in conversion albeit there is a high number of clicks to your listings, the lack of reviews can be one of the crucial factors that impact the campaign conversion rate.

Here are what Amazon reviews can do for your business:

  • Reviews are taken into consideration by Amazon algorithm in search ranking
  • Online shoppers make decisions based on the reviews
  • Reviews offer sellers a better understanding of customer’s interests and demands
  • Reviews can enhance your brand reputation and customer loyalty
  • Reviews can act more like a word of mouth recommendation


5 Ways to Get More Amazon Reviews

How to get Amazon reviews effectively for your Amazon store? Here are the five ways to get more reviews from your customers.


#1 – Amazon Early Reviewer Program

It’s not easy to get customers to write reviews, even when they are happy with your products. This is especially the case when you are trying to get reviews for a new product. So Amazon Early Reviewer Program is designed to encourage customers to submit reviews of your enrolled items they have bought. This program can help you to get 1 to 5 reviews for newly-launched products by offering customers a small reward like a $3 gift card. 


#2 – Product Inserts

On November 8, 2019, Amazon has updated its policies on reviews and product insert. Amazon has sent newsletters to remind sellers that Amazon policies prohibit box inserts and product packaging that direct customers to write a positive review, even if no incentive is offered for the review. Similarly, directing customers to contact you instead of leaving a negative review on Amazon is also prohibited. Please ensure your product packaging and box inserts are compliant with these policies before shipping your products to a fulfillment center or to customers. If you have products that are already in fulfillment centers and are in violation of Amazon’s policies, you can create a removal order to proactively remove your inventory. So basically, sellers are still allowed to ask a review with packaging insert, but not a “positive” review. 

When composing a message for your packing insert, make sure that it’s not against the policy. Here are 3 important Don’ts you need to pay attention to:  

  • You cannot ask for a 5-star or positive review specifically.
  • You can let customers contact you if they have any issues via Amazon, but you cannot direct customers to your own websites. 
  • You cannot offer a discount or any kind of incentive in return for a review.  

You should keep in mind that Amazon may update their review policies and guidelines at any time.


#3 – Product Bundling

Product bundling can have many benefits for your business. The main benefits of product bundling are increasing sales, and giving you a higher chance of winning the buy box by providing a unique listing among competitors. The more sales you have, the more reviews you can solicit. 

Most importantly, product bundling enables you to provide great value and convenience to buyers, they will be more satisfied with the purchase and that may lead them to leave you a positive review as a result.


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#4- Influencer Marketing

Blogger, YouTuber, or opinion leader, these people can bridge the gap between business and consumers. These Key Opinion Leaders play an important role in influencing a lot of customers’ purchasing decisions. You should consider working with KOL to help develop brand recognition about your products.

Influencer marketing can drive traffic to your listing, so you can grow sales, ranking, and reviews. However, looking for an influencer is not as easy as you may think. You will need to review the metrics before choosing the right influencer for your campaign. If you still have no ideas to get started, you can check out the Amazon Influencer Program to see how it works. The qualified influencers are based on the number of followers, engagement, contents, etc. to showcase the recommended products on their social media to their followers. Followers shop their recommendations and earn money on qualifying purchases while doing it.

However, Amazon does not offer this program to sellers, so you will need to search and connect the influencers in your industry who are already Amazon influencers. Or you can use an influencer marketing platform such as influence.co to help find a suitable influencer for your brand.


#5 – Email Follow-up Sequence

A simple way to get Amazon reviews is by sending follow-up emails after purchase. Sending emails and asking for reviews to let customers know that you want them to have the best customer experience possible and show them that you care what they think.

Time frame is the key to increase the effectiveness of follow-up emails, so you can build an email-follow-up sequence and send a suitable email for various stages after-sales. You might be asking how many emails you should create. The ideal email frequency is three emails per order. For example, you can send a confirmation email with a thank you message or including the product instructions right when the order is confirmed for delivery to add more value to your customers for your products and services. The second email should be sent a few days after the package has arrived, and this is a good time to ask for a product review when they are still excited about the products. If you haven’t received a product review, this is your last opportunity to ask your customers for reviews. You can send this email 7-10 days after delivery, which can give customers more time to experience the products they received and write reviews.


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There are a lot of ways to get Amazon reviews, but these are the most effective ways to increase reviews and help build a solid and trusted brand reputation for your Amazon store.    

No matter what the best tips for increasing reviews, the unmissable thing to do is to send an automated email for review requests. It saves you a lot of time and effort while you are busy conducting multiple business strategies for soliciting reviews. 

If you have any special tips for anyone to get Amazon reviews, please comment and share below.




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