How to Get Verified Reviews on Amazon

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What is the Verified Purchase Badge and Why Do You Need Them?

Professional sellers who make a living on Amazon are fully aware of just how important product reviews are. Product reviews help Amazon shoppers get to know the products better and make informed purchase decisions. Seasoned shoppers not only check reviews on Amazon, they know to look for reviews with the Verified Purchase badge. Amazon has traditionally allowed consumers to leave reviews on any product they may not have necessarily purchased through Amazon, but Verified Purchase badges are only given to reviews that were purchased through the Amazon platform. Since there’s no restrictions on writing product reviews, consumers tend to trust Verified Reviews more than unverified reviews.

Reviews play a role in how Amazon algorithm calculates product rankings and displays product listings to consumers. Verified Reviews and helpful votes are said to weigh more in the algorithm. In other words, Verified Reviews increase the average rating score, which helps boost exposure and sales for sellers. As it is not the sheer volume of the reviews that matter to Amazon and consumers alike, sellers should aim to get Verified Reviews as much as possible.


How do you get Verified Reviews?

Verified Reviews are gained through actual purchase. Other than making good products and creating detailed product pages with attractive copywriting, you can generate verified product reviews by becoming a Vendor and join the Vine Program or partake in the Early Reviewers Program. In addition to those Amazon programs, sellers can also try to increase orders by running PPCs and offering discounts and promotions, as long as they’re not offered in exchange for reviews.

After you get your sales velocity going, follow up with stellar customer service to show that you care about your customers as well as encourage buyers to leave product reviews.


Some Tips on How to Increase Response Rate to your Feedback/Review Requests

Follow up emails often get lost in the sea of emails and may create annoyance if there are too many for the same order. Here are some quick tips on how to increase the response rate.

  • Customize your content

Focus your message on customer satisfaction rather than directly requesting reviews. Ask whether your products met customer expectations, and if not, what can you do to help improve their experiences. Optimize the email content by adding a personal touch with graphics, themes, templates, and variables. The more personalized and enticing the content is, the higher the open rate. And if your customers are happy with your product or customer service, they’re more likely to leave organic reviews.

  • Timing of emails

Timing is everything. It’s a good idea to send your email a couple of days after delivery confirmation so that customers still have a fresh memory about the order. One thing to keep in mind, though, is whether your customers need time to fully use the product to see the effect. If so, make sure to send your email so they’ve had time to experience the product.

  • Number of emails to send

Amazon automatically sends out feedback and product review requests for orders. While those are great, with 3rd party software, you’re able to customize the message content for your audience. But it is important to be careful with the number of emails you send on top of what Amazon automatically sends out, because you want to get a response without annoying your customers.

  • Experiment with different settings to see what works

Not everything works for everyone. Use A/B testing to test and determine how to get the best response rate by implementing various factors that may impact the success rate, such as different messages, timing of requests, as well as number of emails to send.

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