Two Ways to Request Amazon Reviews and Feedback

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We just introduced a new feature – Amazon Request a Review Button Automation, so now you can have two options to request Amazon reviews and feedback effectively with BigCentral. To wrap your heads around the two different options, we’ve put together a comparison table to guide you in deciding what works best for you.


Request a Review Button Automation and Seller Requested Review Campaigns Comparison

Request a Review Button Automation Seller Requested Review Campaigns (Branded)
 Request-a-review-automation  BC_Email_Template
Policy Compliant
100% Amazon policy-compliant; no risk to account suspension Dependent on email content (good for sellers who clearly understand Amazon Guidelines)
Branded Customization

Must use Amazon’s policy-compliant email design

Customizable Feedback & Review Request. Includes unique templates & themes and can personalize the design and content to match your brand
Email Frequency
Only one message can be delivered to reduce email clutter  Number of messages delivered is determined by the matches to the campaign settings 
N/A Yes

AI-powered Smart Scheduler and Subject Lines

Email Open Rates
N/A Available for each email campaign or listing
Message is automatically translated to buyer’s local language by Amazon Includes pre-configured email templates in French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese
Add Links/attachments to Complete Order 
N/A Yes

(Please refer to Amazon’s guidelines)



Each option has its pros and cons. In general, Request a Review Button Automation is right for sellers who have experienced difficulties in requesting reviews due to Buyer-Seller Messaging restrictions or mainly focused on requesting product reviews. On the other hand, Seller Requested Review Campaigns are suitable for sellers who want to boost brand identity to strengthen the connections with customers to increase the likelihood of getting feedback or reviews.


Hopefully, this article explained anything you want to know about the two ways of requesting Amazon reviews and feedback with BigCentral. If you require further information, feel free to contact us at or leave your comment below.


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