3 Easy Ways to Retain Customers After The Initial Sales


How is your sales performance on Valentine’s Day? We believe that many of you have already capitalized the opportunity of Valentine’s sales. Whether the sales result is as good as your expected or not, Valentine’s Day would have driven traffic to your Amazon listing or increased conversion rates and sales revenues.

Your daily sales in the latter half of February perhaps is now back to normal after Valentine’s Day. Sales drop is a common theme for Amazon sellers after holiday sales. However, if your sales have fallen sharply below your sales average of the month, you should take immediate action to retain customers and build customer loyalty. Here are some easy methods you can start trying out.


Maintain customer loyalty

In terms of customer loyalty, it simply means that customers’ willingness to buy a brand over others. The key to keeping customers coming back is to provide an excellent shopping experience. We can learn from Amazon how they value the customers’ shopping experience. Try to put yourself in customers’ shoes like what attracts you to visit a product page and make an order? How would you like your delivery and after-sales service? You can build customer loyalty from the very first moment when a buyer visits your product page. You should always try to make your business as customer-centric as possible.


“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” 

Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO of Amazon


Product exposure and customer loyalty are important factors to boost sales, so sellers’ long-term aim is to retain customers and develop more prospective buyers by optimizing product listing and providing an exceptional customer experience with an intelligent email campaign manager.


Keep up with the trend

Sellers should try to predict what shoppers need in the upcoming holiday sales. You can estimate your future sales trend and find product categories that have good potential during the holiday according to your past sales history. In addition, you can utilize a product research tool to find profitable products and set up the right keywords.


Motivate customers with incentives

Even though your products are made available on Amazon, the biggest shopping platform, you will still face tough competition. So how can you encourage customers to purchase your products? Advertising or running a promotion can help you increase brand awareness and boost your product sales on Amazon. If your products have unique selling points, you should try to target keywords that can best describe your products’ best features in your ads to let shoppers know that your products stand out from the competition.



Managing the operations of an Amazon business can be repetitive and dull, source products, buy inventory, list products, handle orders, and after-sales, etc. But the satisfaction of seeing your sales growth on your store makes everything worthwhile. By automating repetitive daily tasks such as requesting product reviews and feedback, you will have more time to focus on improving products and customer services to retain customers and further increase customer loyalty that is imperative to a successful e-commerce business.


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