How to Leverage Social Media to Boost your Amazon Business?


Social media has become an essential part of many people’s daily lives, so why not using them for advertising your online business? There are lots of advantages promoting on social media even the smallest business can benefit from. These social media platforms give the opportunity for sellers to reach a wider audience or target specific groups of people at a lower cost comparing to traditional media. Moreover, it is easy to advertise on social platforms and it does not require any professional skill to get started.

#1 – Choose the Right Social Media Platform

Do not waste your time to advertise on all social media platforms. First, it is important to make the right decision about which platform you are going to use to advertise your online business. We recommend you choose the platform you are most comfortable with and focus on one or two platforms.


Each social platform offers different advantages and provides different sets of audience. Therefore, it is important to determine your target audience to advertise on the right platform.

Facebook, which is the most popular Social Media platform, presents many opportunities for Amazon sellers. You can join Facebook groups that have members who are entrepreneurial-minded like you and sell on Amazon. Often you can get good Amazon selling tips or solutions to your business challenges to help you grow on Amazon in those Amazon seller groups. Some Amazon sellers also capitalize the Facebook marketplace to increase their brand visibility.

Instagram is more about visual content; we recommend you at first to take care of the quality of your pictures. You don’t need to write a long description, usually users pay more attention to the visual content. Some sellers would also seek out Instagram KOL to help them promote their products on Amazon.

Linkedin is business oriented and is very formal and professional. It could be useful to indicate your current professional status. Many sellers would connect with other manufacturers, suppliers, or business partners to expand their network and develop more business opportunities such as sourcing.

Twitter is the micro blogging format but has a very limited number of characters. It is perfect if you want to post short messages about your online businesses and let your customers follow the latest news about your brand.

Pinterest is more like idea sharing that emphasizes on visual content. It is very popular amongst the arts and crafts sellers. If you want to learn more about Pinterest, you can check this article.

#2 – Pay Attention to the Profile’s Bio

It is important to have a clean and concise presentation, no matter which social media platform you are using because the first thing the users will see when they search your profile is your bio. Even if it is an about page on Facebook or the bio segment on Instagram, you need to provide the information about your business. Go straight to the point, no need to write long paragraphs, but only provide accurate and essential information because you do not want to confuse potential customers about what you are selling but rather convince them to purchase your products.

How to proceed?

Start by choosing the appropriate name and professional title. It is important to use relevant words and sentences that give the right description about your business. We recommend you use focus keywords that can influence the social media algorithm.

#3 – Create and Publish High-Quality Content

Quality over quantity. We recommend you publish high quality content to attract customers. It means you have to pay attention to the pictures and the post’s description. We suggest you spend some time to proofread the grammar and the spelling. Do not let careless mistakes discredit your business. Carefully curated content will show customers your professionalism and increase the likelihood for them to buy from your amazon store.

Second important thing we suggest you do is to make your social media profile more appealing to users by publishing more than just your product’s pictures. Indeed, you can publish interesting facts, news, and inspiring quotes related to your niche.

Another suggestion is that if you struggle to create some visual content, we recommend some tools such as Canva and Pixabay that offer many design possibilities. These tools have pro version with advanced features, you can choose to pay for using them or use the free basic version.

Amazon Business

#4 – Use Relevant Hashtags

Do not neglect Hashtags because they are everything. This popular symbol is often used on social media to describe users’ interests. Each post you published must contain at least one hashtag, make sure to use essential hashtags such #amazon to enable customers to find your products and your online shop. However, you do not need to overwhelm your posts with hashtags. We suggest using between 3 and 5 hashtags per post.

#5 – Create a Content Calendar & Post Regularly

Another tip is to be consistent as much as you can with your posts on social media. Make sure you have an engaging presence that will create a dynamic visibility for your online business. We recommend you create a content calendar that can help you to anticipate the publication of your future posts and maintain a constant publishing content flow. It goes without saying, if you want to attract attention on your online business, you must publish often.

#6 – Have an Adequate Marketing Strategy

We encourage you to research your competitors on social media platforms to see how they are doing, what they are posting…etc. You do not need to copy them but use all the information available to learn from them. Analyzing competition can help you learn what is suitable and what is not for other businesses like yours.

Second tip is to start collecting data about your audience to understand better who they are and who react to your posts etc. Compiling data about your clients will help you to understand better your target audience. Once you know precisely who your audience is, you can rethink your social media plan and start expanding to new potential clients. If you want concrete example about how to implement social marketing strategy for your small business, you can check this article.

#7– Interact with Users

Posting content won’t be enough to make your Amazon business popular on social media. We recommend you interact with users to transform viewers into buyers.

If you are dedicated to your followers, you will build a loyal and trustworthy relationship with them.

Reply to comments and take advantage of user-generated content by reposting users’ content that features your product will bring you more visibility. The more people talk about your product the more you will attract attention on your Amazon business.

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