Tips for Amazon Holiday Selling

As an Amazon seller, you know that the end of the year is a good opportunity to clear out your inventory. Indeed, you do not want to start the next year with stagnant products from the past year. After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can take advantage of the Christmas shopping frenzy to maximize your revenue and make some space for upcoming new items.  

Here is a list of helpful tips that can help you drive up sales during the Amazon holiday selling season. Let’s prepare your business for the end of the year! 

🥳 Social Media Platforms are Your Best Allies

First thing we recommend you increase the frequency and activity in various marketing platforms. This should include your website, blog, social media platforms, and e-mails.  Remember not to sacrifice quality in exchange for quantity as you should continue to share relevant, helpful, and concise information to your buyers. Social media platforms can help you to display your products and create marketing campaigns to stand out from the competition on Amazon. 

We recommend you use social media platforms such as Tik Tok, which is a very popular social media platform that offers many opportunities to create unique content. You can showcase your product in a quick tutorial and take advantage of the strong social impact 

If you want to learn more about promoting products on social media, we recommend you read this article. 

🎄 “Everything” is Almost About Promotion

 Buyers are always looking for the best deals no matter the period of the year, and this year especially due to the inflation, buyers pay more attention to the price. That means they will eventually check different offers from different sellers before making their final decision and eventually buy from your shop. Try to be generous to keep them interestedYou need to decide carefully on what you’re trying to accomplish and the details of your promotion.  

When you run a promotion, you have to


❇️ Be specific and organized in your promotion.  Rather than offering a one-size fits all promotion, find out which products require an extra push to stimulate additional sales. 

❇️ Create exclusive promotions.  These exclusive promotions should gear towards loyal customers.  This gesture not only rewards them and acts as a form of appreciation towards them, but you are also more likely to increase sales than you would with new and prospective buyers, who are less familiar with you and your products. 

❇️ Create time-sensitive promotions. This invokes a sense of urgency from the buyers.  Make them feel as if they will miss out on an amazing deal if they do not make a purchase before a certain deadline.  People tend to get nervous and anxious when a time ticker is involved.  This will push them to decide to buy it. 

🎁 And “The Show Must Go On”

Do not think the game is over after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can still take advantage of the end of the holiday season to clear out your inventory and make some space for upcoming new products.  The steep discounts and lucrative promotions make shopping irresistible. 

We recommend you use our Conditional Repricer to help you sell the rest of your stock and make some room for the products you might want to source next year. Indeed, Conditional Repricer and the special Inventory Age Condition is designed to help you sell off your dead inventory or slow-moving products. Conditional Repricer offers many customizable options, based on your repricing strategy, you can choose to maximize your profit or maximize your sales.  

Scenario _You Want to Sell Off Your Inventory Before the End of the Year

In this case because you want to sell off the rest of products you haven’t sold yet before the end of the year, you need to set up Inventory Age condition.  

You must select the number of days that your items have been staying in the warehouse. Conditional Repricer will prioritize the items that have been in your inventory for more than 180 days 

In this scenario we recommend you configurate only one condition (inventory Age) and choose sales booster as main rule to quickly get rid of your dead inventory. The profit in this scenario is not your priority. 

Of course, it will depend on your strategy and on the results, you are looking for, you can decide to have a more complex strategy and add sub conditions. You also can choose to protect your profit instead of prioritizing your sales by choosing profit maximizer or profit booster. 

 If you want to learn more about Conditional Repricer and the different strategies, you can implement to get rid of your old inventory, check this article. 


Using a repricer is a real game changer, no matters the period of the year for your business on Amazon, with conditional repricer you can level up your repricing strategies with hundred of customizable options and rules combinations.  

Be consistent and use all the tools you can use to boost your business for the final push before 2023. Continue to create engaging content on social media and do not forget being generous with amazing discounts for buyers this holiday season. 

With these tips we can guarantee you that you will end the year on a high note and get an amazing kick start for your amazon business for 2023. 

Good luck to your holiday selling and wishing you happy holidays! 


Amazon Selling Tips During Holiday Season


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