What Products to Sell in 2024 to Make Money on Amazon?

Discovering upcoming popular products requires a blend of data analysis, trend spotting, and trust in one’s instincts. This article aims to assist you in identifying new opportunities in baby safety products, self-care items, pet supplies, and more. Whether you are expanding your inventory or launching a new business, knowledge of emerging e-commerce trends is essential for success on Amazon. We have carefully selected a list of products based on reliable data to help you maximize your earnings this year. Get ready for your most prosperous sales year yet by starting here!

Baby Monitors

Parents rely on baby monitors to keep an ear on their little ones. Simple and affordable audio monitors are sufficient for most moms and dads, allowing them to stay vigilant without breaking the bank. Do not overlook the opportunity to stock these highly sought-after and dependable baby monitors that continue to gain the trust of parents year after year. Consider adding this product to your inventory in 2024 as it has an estimated monthly sale of 10,607 units!



Average Price: $15-$55



Trendy Tumblers with a Straw (Stanley Brand)

In recent times, there has been an overwhelming popularity for a specific product with a straw. This trend is expected to continue in 2024, with everyone falling in love with it. The renowned brand Stanley might have something to do with this craze. If you have not caught wind of this latest trend and the frenzy surrounding different colors and models, let us enlighten you on why you should consider sourcing and reselling Stanley Tumblers this year. One major advantage is the wide range of color options available. Stanley’s incredibly durable tumblers have transitioned from niche items to a thriving pop culture phenomenon, appearing everywhere like vibrant mushrooms after rainfall. The estimated sales figure serves as evidence of the immense popularity of this product, with an estimated 36,358 units sold each month. Sellers on Amazon would surely consider it a dream come true.

Average Price: $50 to $75


Corners Protectors

Keeping toddlers safe from sharp corners and edges is a top priority for parents looking to baby-proof their homes. These corner protectors offer a secure solution for covering dangerous corners on furniture such as coffee tables, TV stands, side tables, and more, effectively preventing unwanted injuries. With their affordable price and high demand, these corner protectors are a vital addition to any childproofing arsenal and have the potential for great sales in 2024. You can start sourcing this essential product immediately after finishing this article!


Average price: $6-$10



Pawfect Dog Boots

In 2024, if you are searching for a product in the pet category, these boots are a must-source item, especially for the winter season. Pet owners often use socks or boots to protect their dogs’ paws during cold or rainy days. We recommend you source these adorable and practical dog boots. With estimated monthly sales of 2853 units, this item holds great potential to become a top-selling product on Amazon.


Average Price: $10 – $40



Retro Instant Cameras

Leaning into the retro charm while innovating with on-trend colors and collabs, Instant Cameras crank up anticipation levels by finally unveiling printed pictures just moments after clicking shutters. Despite the dominance of digital photography, these analog accessories create far more than images, they forge emotional connections. Our research shows there is demand for a product that evokes nostalgia while also providing printable wallet-sized photos that can be displayed in personal spaces. With estimated monthly sales of 155 units, we believe this product presents a profitable opportunity worth considering for your store.



The Hype of Retinol Serum

The booming beauty industry racks up countless millions as new brands continually flood the market, leaving customers overwhelmed by endless options. Yet one label manages to repeatedly rise above the noise, the Ordinary! This affordable skincare brand checks every box from sustainability to treating specific skin issues affordably. We recommend you start to source some of these bestselling cheap serums powered by buzzed-about ingredients like retinol to drive even more sales. As far as trending skincare components, retinol undisputedly reigns supreme in conversations across beauty industry recently.Our piece of advice, do not overlook retinol serum, the beauty product that boasts estimated monthly sales of over 8800 units per month.


Average price: $10 – $18 



In 2024, mastering the art of finding profitable products to resell on Amazon can be achieved through understanding metrics and using helpful resources like this guide. Adopting flexible sourcing strategies, having realistic expectations, and staying informed with social media platforms and analytics tools are key to achieving profitability. Stay inspired by our examples, keep up with the latest trends, and use BQool to boost sales and stay on top of your game!


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Pauline Thoméré

January 22, 2024
Pauline's passions lie in eCommerce and supporting individuals in their online selling endeavors. Currently, as a frequent contributor to the BQool Blog, she channels her passions into creating informative contents that break down the complex challenges Amazon sellers face on a daily basis.

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