Increase your Chances of Receiving Feedback on Amazon

Many Amazon sellers realize that increasing the chances of receiving feedback is very important, but few know how buyers actually rate sellers on Amazon. There may be a few things that you might even overlook as a seller.  Make sure you meet the basics to increase the chances of you receiving feedback on Amazon. Amazon recommends that buyers use the following criteria to rate sellers:


Does the packaged item move about? Always ensure that you pack the item well enough for it to remain in one place. Utilize bubble wrap and/or packing peanuts to help to keep the item stable so it has a better chance of withstanding a potentially bumpy journey without becoming damaged.


Shipping Time

Always ensure that your item arrives on time. Has an item ever arrived late to the buyer because you overlooked the zip code you shipped to?  Additionally, make sure that you always account for buyers that live in rural and suburban areas where deliveries might take longer.

customer service

Customer service

Were inquiries replied to promptly and efficiently?  Was it easy for the buyer to reach customer support? If the buyer had a bad experience or received a faulty item, did you respond to the buyer and rectify the issue in a timely and friendly manner? If the buyer doesn’t feel as though they are worth your time, it’s unlikely that they will become a regular customer.
 good vs bad

Would you buy from this seller again?

 If your customer has a great experience with you and your business, they will be more inclined to buy from you again in the future. Furthermore, news travels fast, if the buyer has a bad experience with you, not only will the chances of them buying from you again in the future reduce, but they might warn others against buying from you too.
You get one chance to leave a great first impression, make sure you follow the guidelines so that receiving feedback is smooth and easy both now and in the future.
Be proactive in managing your reputation on Amazon. With BQool’s intelligent automation system, we have made feedback management as simple as clicking the mouse!

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