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BQool Video Testimonial Award is Giving Away $100 Prize!

Bqool Testmonial Video Reward

    Hi, fellow BQool users! BQool Video Testimonial Award has officially kicked off. This is a video testimonial competition that is looking to reward and showcase 4 most outstanding video testimonials created by BQool users.   The competition will have two categories –    Repricing Central Testimonial Feedback Central Testimonial   Two entries from each category will be chosen by our jury as the winners of this exciting event! If you …

BQool @ PROSPER Show 2017 (a.k.a. Former Amazonians FTW)

bqool asd prosper 2017

Why do professionals attend conferences? In particular, why PROSPER Show 2017? It may have to do with the fact that co-founders, James Thomson and Joseph Hansen, seem to have an eerily accurate grasp of what Amazon Sellers are after. To say they set the benchmark high is an understatement. Its inauguration in 2016 was sold-out, with 725 …

Special Offer: Try New Feedback Central for Free! Plus 50% Off First Month!

amazon feedback tool - bqool feedback central

———————————————————————————————————————————– BQool Feedback Central is now more comprehensive with added features!   Are you getting ready for the holiday selling season? BQool just launched the new Feedback Central and with our new features, we are positive it will help you manage feedback solicitation well and improve customer service in Q4! We are now offering a 50% discount for the first month. …

Why Amazon Web Services AWS Are Safe

setting fixed prices

Are you skeptical of the security of Amazon Web Services (AWS), and whether private information is compromised by 3rd party software services?  There are various 3rd party software services out there that have access to private information such as your inventory, prices, order details, to name a few.  These 3P services serve different functions: some …

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