Best SEO Tactics for your Listings on Amazon in 2024

Reselling on Amazon is not just about price and Buy Box ownership; it is also about optimizing your listings. With fierce competition, standing out can be challenging, especially if your keywords are inadequate. Ensuring your listings have impeccable Amazon search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial. Effective Amazon search engine optimization (SEO) benefits both sellers and …

By Pauline Thoméré

June 14, 2024

How to Optimize Your Amazon Listings

Just like Google and Bing, Amazon is also a search engine, so it falls under the laws of search engine optimization (SEO). In other words, you can tweak your product description and store content to fit Amazon’s algorithms and help your products reach a higher number of customers. Many marketers believe Amazon SEO is the …

By Guest

February 7, 2020
Amazon SEO

How To Do SEO For Your Amazon Store in 2018

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to lead people to your website. So, why don’t you do it for your own Amazon store? It will increase the traffic and will ensure great sales and the position of your store on Amazon. Every day, the competition among Amazon sellers is increasing. …

By BQool Marketing

January 4, 2018

Simple Keyword Tips to Make You a Better Amazon Seller

Keywords Are More Than Your Amazon Listing’s Foundation   When it comes to selling on Amazon, it’s imperative that you aim for a first-class product listing that offers outstanding value. However, without generating highly relevant impressions or page views, potential customers will never have the chance to see your product. If you want to increase …

By BQool Marketing

July 17, 2017

Amazon Product Feature Bullets Lowered to 500 Characters

Amazon Product Feature If you are an observant seller doing business on amazon, chances are you might have already noticed a latest change to Create a New Product listing page. Amazon has updated its character limit for Key Product Features on Previously, sellers were able to enter up to 2000 characters for product bullet …

By BQool Marketing

May 10, 2017

Let’s Get Ready to Bundle!

Amazon Bundle Strategy A well designed product bundle not only provides convenience and value to customers, it is also a good way to win the Buy Box every time when the bundle is the one and only unique listing on Amazon. Let’s explore what bundled product is all about. Product Bundle Creation Rule: ●  Include …

By BQool Marketing

June 28, 2016

Amazon SEO-Increases Keyword Search Terms to 1000 Characters

Rejoice! Amazon has expanded their search term limit from 250 characters (5 lines of 50 each) to 1,000 characters. Working within the confines of a 50 character limit is challenging, and it’s often frustrating to filter out valuable long-tail keywords. However, as they say, “Water is a boon in the desert, but the drowning man …

By BQool Marketing

April 22, 2016

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Product Sourcing Guidelines For Amazon Sellers

 Start Sourcing Products to Sell Online   Google ‘what to sell on Amazon?’ and you’ll get 185 million hits. Anyone can pay the fees, source inventory, and start selling on Amazon… but not everyone is successful at it. Online sellers have a better chance to profit and satisfy customers when they stock the right products at the …

Improve Amazon Search Rankings with a Great Product Title

Tips for Amazon SEO Ranking   Product Title Optimization   Amazon’s search algorithm prioritizing product title above all else when ranking products in a search result is a well-known fact. The role in which product title plays is absolutely crucial for conversion rate as consumers’ buying decisions are frequently influenced by the quality and relevance …

By BQool Marketing

August 24, 2015