Introducing The Latest Amazon Help Desk Tool – BigCRM

BQool is excited to announce the release of the Amazon Help Desk Tool – BigCRM. This Amazon help desk tool has 5 main features that can help you provide stellar customer service and improve your customer satisfaction.   Email Automation feature helps you automate feedback and review request emails. It can stop sending request emails …

By Christina Chen

May 28, 2019

Announcing BigCRM – BQool’s Amazon Help Desk Tool Released on 5/26

“I am not getting any review or feedback from my customers even though I am sending tons of request emails to them using an Amazon feedback tool. How can I get more reviews and feedback?”    Reviews and feedback don’t grow on trees. If you want to get reviews and feedback, you need to work for them. Like providing …

By BQool Marketing

May 24, 2019

Unwrap your Exclusive Gift from BQool Christmas Special

Christmas is here, and your seasonal feedback is about to start rolling in, but requesting product reviews and feedback on Amazon doesn’t have to be a chore.   Armed with many amazing features, Feedback Central not only can personalize your emails and automate your email campaigns, but it also helps Amazon sellers get more feedback …

By Christina Chen

December 20, 2018

Say Hello to New Feedback Central & Special Offer

All good things must come to an end to make way for BETTER things to happen… Because the BEST BQool Feedback Central update is here!   We’re thrilled to introduce you a brand-new Feedback Central. This update is a step closer to our goal to provide the top Amazon automated email tool just for you. …

By Christina Chen

November 26, 2018

BQool’s Black Friday 2018 Promotion

Black Friday falls on November 23rd this year, many retailers have already revealed their Black Friday deals early to hype up the upcoming shopping frenzy in a hope to encourage potential buyers to spend more on holiday gifts throughout the season. Just three days ago, Amazon announced that they will offer free shipping on all …

By Christina Chen

November 8, 2018
Customer Experience

Customer Experience is your new Marketing Strategy

Is Customer Experience Important? Imagine that you are entering a store, looking for a pair of shoes for a good friend’s wedding celebration this weekend. A pleasant salesperson approaches you with a warm and sincere greeting and helps you to find the shoes. Unfortunately, you’re told that your size is out of stock, so you go home to check …

By Christina Chen

September 14, 2018

Boost Sales & Profit on Amazon with Intelligent BQool Repricer

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Amazon Reviews Amazon Feedback

Amazon Reviews and Amazon Feedback: Confused?

    If we’re being completely honest, the majority of online shoppers don’t really know the difference between Amazon Reviews (for products) and Amazon Feedback (for the seller). Most people are only interested in getting a bargain online that arrives in one piece and on time! In reality, the difference is actually very important, and …

By Alexis Rutherford

August 31, 2018

Special Promotion- Celebrate Easter with BQool!

Easter is right around the corner! To help you celebrate, BQool is providing a special offer for you and your friends! Let our Feedback Central help raise your seller rating during this joyous occasion. Feedback Central will automatically send emails to request positive feedback and reviews for you. To learn more about how this software …

By BQool Marketing

March 20, 2017

Amazon Review Policy Update: No More Incentivized Reviews

On October 3, 2016, Amazon updated its product review policy to ban incentivized product reviews [1]. In other words, sellers are no longer permitted to offer free or discounted products to customers and ask for product reviews in return. Since this has been the strategy adopted by many private label sellers in recent years to …

By BQool Marketing

November 1, 2016

The Positive Impacts of Negative Feedback on Amazon

All businesses face negative customer feedback. The problem is, do you know how important an online review can affect your business and how to handle negative reviews? According to Graham Charlton, the Editor in Chief of Econsultancy, 61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision on e-commerce sites [1] and 88 % …

By BQool Marketing

September 30, 2016
benefits of product review software

6 Benefits of Amazon Product Review Software

Amazon product reviews and ratings make up the buyers’ portal to the Amazon world. More often than not, buyers decide in an instant whether to even consider purchasing your product based on a quick glance at your product ratings. Since product reviews have become so important in e-commerce, there are more and more professional reviewer …

By BQool Marketing

September 23, 2016