How Can you Resell Used Items on Amazon?

Looking to boost your revenue on Amazon this year? The Amazon Renewed Program offers a fantastic opportunity to resell used electronics, appliances, and more. With stringent quality checks, Amazon ensures that refurbished products meet high standards, making them attractive to eco-conscious and budget-savvy consumers alike. Embrace sustainability and turn refurbished products into profit! Ready to …

What is the Amazon Influencer Program?

The rise of influencers has transformed modern marketing. These influential voices, spanning experts to lifestyle gurus, have become the true celebrities of the 21st Century, capturing the attention and trust of vast audiences.  Amazon, a pioneer in e-commerce, recognized this powerful phenomenon early on. By leveraging influencer marketing through social media content, the company taps into …

By Pauline Thoméré

March 21, 2024

Amazon New Placement Fee Debunked – Inbound Placement & Defect

  Amazon’s latest fee updates, including the new Placement Fee and Inbound Defect Fee, have caused an uproar among sellers. If you are an Amazon seller, you are likely aware of the very controversial low inventory fees and return policy fees that have sparked widespread outrage in the seller community. These fees have been widely condemned …

By Pauline Thoméré

March 14, 2024

Ecommerce News Roundup: February Recap

Let’s dive into the biggest Amazon news from the past month. Get the key highlights and updates about the e-commerce giant right here.   February 6, 2024 Lower FBA fulfillment fees with Ships in Product Packaging Amazon has launched the Ships in Product Packaging (SIPP) program, formerly known as Ship In Own Container (SIOC). This …

By Pauline Thoméré

March 8, 2024

Amazon Return Policy in 2024 (Latest Update)

Amazon has recently made a major announcement that will significantly impact third party sellers: changes to returns processing fees set to take effect in 2024. The new policy will be implemented in three phases from February to June, shifting costs back to sellers who are already facing slim profit margins. This is just one of …

By Pauline Thoméré

February 29, 2024

How to Set up Costs for Your Products in AI Repricing?

Setting up your first AI repricing rule is a breeze, largely thanks to BQool’s intuitive AI Repricer. But behind every successful repricing strategy, there are carefully calculated costs that dictate the price floor and ceiling for every product sold on Amazon. By meticulously setting up your minimum and maximum prices, you will be able to …

By Pauline Thoméré

February 23, 2024

Boost Sales & Profit on Amazon with Intelligent BQool Repricer

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Ecommerce News Roundup: January Recap

In the first weeks of 2024, Amazon has introduced several important changes regarding advertising options, product listings, FBA shipment policies, and third-party vetting that directly impact independent sellers.This article outlines these recent programs in detail to keep sellers informed of the latest Amazon updates. January 2, 2024  Sponsored Brands (SB) introduces theme targeting to enhance …

By Pauline Thoméré

February 6, 2024

Best Amazon Repricing Templates 2024 Edition

The success of Amazon repricing strategies depends on various factors, such as the type of products, the volume of sales, sourcing methods, and competition levels. Instead of relying on a generic approach, implementing tailored pricing strategies that are appropriate to listings under specific circumstances, offers significant advantages. To excel in 2024, you need a smart …

By Pauline Thoméré

January 31, 2024

BQool AI Repricer 2024 January Update

    New Reset Min Price Enhancement for AI Conditional Repricing Strategy    Is your business getting hampered by multiple slow-moving items? Do you have trouble getting rid of dead stock at a good price based on the market demand? BQool has come up with the ultimate solution: Reset your Min Price to the Lowest …

By Pauline Thoméré

January 26, 2024

What Products to Sell in 2024 to Make Money on Amazon?

Discovering upcoming popular products requires a blend of data analysis, trend spotting, and trust in one’s instincts. This article aims to assist you in identifying new opportunities in baby safety products, self-care items, pet supplies, and more. Whether you are expanding your inventory or launching a new business, knowledge of emerging e-commerce trends is essential …

By Pauline Thoméré

January 22, 2024

The Vine Program: The Ultimate Guide to Supercharging Your Success!

The Amazon Vine program grants exclusive access to the platform’s most elite reviewers, known as Vine Voices. As a seller, you can provide free or discounted products to these influential reviewers. In return, they will publish comprehensive evaluations on your product pages. But how can you access these coveted reviewers? What products qualify and what …

By Pauline Thoméré

January 11, 2024

Ecommerce News Roundup: December Recap

As 2023 drew to an end, Amazon sellers had plenty to keep tabs on even as holiday orders slowed. From platform updates to logistics changes and more, December brought significant announcements every merchant needs to know to start 2024 off informed. 👉 Identify Demand for your Products in Europe and Japan with New Dashboard The …

By Pauline Thoméré

December 28, 2023